On Reflection

http://www.messageinabottlepoetrymagazine.com/rosemary-carr.php has published a series of my poems, called On Reflection, words which began life as prose and then made a leap into poetry.

Click on the link above to see them.

These poems originally started life as part of my novel ‘The Precious Sea’, which I’m getting near to completing. Going through the previous drafts and a professional line-edit means passages end up on the cutting room floor, but I’m reluctant to throw any writing away. Sometimes, when I look at a passage out of context, I see I can turn it in to a poem. The first poem in the On Reflection series, ‘Falling‘, came from a section of the book that relates to someone falling in to the sea, and with a splash, but as a poem the words seem to take on a different meaning.

Sea spray

But is that meaning the same for you as is it for me? I’ll let you read for yourself and I’d be interested to hear what you think.

I hope you enjoy reading.


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